Winberg Crankshafts

HEMI Pro Stock


The best of the best.

And only getting better.


Aerospace certified material

Custom strokes and sizes

Fully counterweighted

Oiling to customers specification

Lightened to customers specification

Fully balanced**


Please contact Winberg for Pro Stock pricing


Due to the competitive nature of Pro Stock racing, Mopar Pro Stock crankshafts are only available after consulting with Winberg. Please contact us for more information.



The following is a list of HEMI pro stock, HEMI 99 crankshafts that we have in our excess inventory. Although many of the crankshafts listed here are finish ground, they are all in various stages of production. Delivery times will vary. This list is not exhaustive, but a list of our in stock items that are for sale. Please call with crankshaft reference number for pricing. If you are in need of a crankshaft that is not listed, please call.  This list does not include crankshafts that are currently in production.

Order by calling 303-783-2234